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Apple Inc.
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Novell, Inc.
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Uber Technologies Inc
VMware, Inc.
BP Oil International Ltd
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"DbVisualizer is a user-centric tool designed to help developers access a wide range of databases on all major operating systems. It’s a highly focused software product that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary bells and whistles."
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Christine Preusler

This is not a request (except to be more visible on the net : I've been searching for such an application for 2 days!) but an appreciation. DBVisualizer is exactly what I needed. Congratulations, I greatly appreciate the ability to get ERD from PostgreSQL db, even on OpenSuse Tumbleweed, and without complex settings, just installing the JDBC driver. And exporting it in .svg, which makes it totally readable at any zoom factor. Awesome.
Erik Martre

I've been using DVisualizer for a long time and it's the best tool for interacting with the database that I've ever used.
Maruen Mehana

Thank you so much.

DbVis is my favorite SQL client and your support is top notch!
Rizwan Ali

Just writing to inform you that this solution/temp work-around took care of my problem, and it works great. Thank you!

DbVis is an awesome and invaluable tool (even the free version) but the support behind it has left me speechless. I thought such top-notch software support was a thing of the past these days, but I stand corrected with this experience. You can count me in as another loyal Pro+support customer for life.

Many thanks again, and keep up the awesome work you do!
Danny Nodal

I have used several database softwares to use with Postgres. Nothing comes even close to DbVisualizer! It is absolutely the best db software by far. The team has done an excellent job and I congratulate them for it!
Amine Belabbes Nabi

I really want to take this opportunity to share my appreciation to you and your team as we have been using DbVisualizer with Vertica for past 4+ years and it has been fantastic. Vertica only has SQL and not PL so no variables, procedures, functions etc. We have been able to use DbVisualizer to get around so many of these limitations and I have always found your team to willing to provide additional features. We are a small organization but have also been able to convince our partner organizations to move to DbVisualizer so I hope you are getting more business. Again, I really appreciate you taking the feedback and having a fantastic turnaround on providing them.
Ahmer - Australia

If you want a feature rich - I mean, VERY feature rich (it goes far above and beyond competitors), fast, reliable solution to manage databases, AND feel very comfortable doing it thanks to the friendly, thoughtful user interface that is provided — DbVis is your multi-platform solution. It’s very customizable, there are a lot of options that I wouldn’t have even expected. It’s just “right.” The extra table data & SQL commander + query builder and other features from the pro version are extremely handy and make things a breeze. I’d highly recommend evaluating it just to see for yourself; I’m not a salesman, I really just like it that much :)
Brien B. - NY, USA

Thanks! The UP SIDE to such a great product.. I have been a license holder for a LONG LONG TIME.

The DOWN SIDE to such a great and stable product…. I seldom find the need to upgrade… Your perpetual license ROCKS!

DbVisualizer has made my life a whole lot easier since i started using it. I am a BI trainee and I interact with various DBs in my line of work. DbVisualizer makes my work so much less frustrating when i intend to load data across different RDBMS. I can easily move tables from one DB into a different DB from a different software vendor, and i do not necessarily have to be a DBA or have such skills to do it. DbVisualizer has such a wonderful user interface, unlike a few of its competitors out there which are unfriendly to the non-coding user. Not only that, i can connect my numerous DBs that i work with at the same time and issue usual SQL querries withing one app: DbVisualizer. It is a tool you just cannot do without once you have it, allowing you to have a hustle free work life.
Ohene, Accra, Ghana

I was introduced to DbVis about 3 years ago while working for a leading payments company in South Africa. Now, I cannot live without it!

As a senior software engineer you're always looking for tools to make your life more efficient and to produce quicker results - DbVis does just that.

DbVis already offers a plethora of Database Drivers and also allows you to configure ones that are not in the list. The depth of functionality provided is insane! I don't know where to start... From viewing the actual BLOB content of a field (there are very few clients that provide this), quick searching already queried results, grouping DB connections, saving queries, detaching search results into floating panels, viewing the DDL of a table, showing relationships to other tables and I could go on and on and on...

DbVis is one of the best investments you can make as an engineer. Thank you to the team behind DbVis. You can see the amount of hard work that goes into this flawless product. Thank you!
User in South Africa

FYI - this has been a very impressive support experience. The feedback from product developers to end user is like none I've encountered in the past!
Fred Turner

DbVis is a great versatile software. It allows you to work in parallel with multiple database types, explore structures and save queries. Of special use is the intellisence feature to facilitate/accelerate constructing of long queries with cumbersome table&column names.
Karina Ishkhanova

Currently I am a developer / BI data analysts. Everyday, I have to work with many data bases such as MS SQL, ORACLE 10, INFORMIX, MS ACCESS, EXCEL. I needed some help. Then, I started to look for a tool that would help me to work with all these databases. I started searching and found some tools but the most interesting of all was DbVisualizer. To my surprise, It’s a great product. I started by installing the trial version on my desktop, configured it with SQL connection and begin using it. Super Great!! with Dbvisualizer I was able to have three different databases open at same time, SQL , ORACLE, and INFORMIX. Assign name to those connections an save it. NoW I am able to make queries in any of the tables, see table information like tables unique keys, total row count, indexes, columns list in alphabetical order. And show the data by rows or as a form. This application is marvelous, My personal rating = the 5 STARS award
Danny ORTEGA. Application Developer – SQL DEV – BI DATA mining

I was introduced to DbVis when I began working at my company four years ago, and it was the standard database GUI that we had purchased a volume license. I have worked in a number of other db GUIs (and even in certain circumstances via command line), and like to think I have sampled most of what is available on the market. What DbVis brings to the table has made me a believer. The number of databases supported is staggering, and the interface and feature set far outpaces the others I've worked with. The attention given to each type of database's error reporting and logging is especially nice, as regardless of the database I'm working in I can expect errors and feedback to be given in a consistent way alongside a log of the actual output from the console.

With our license I have enjoyed the luxury of support from the DbVis team, which have been incredibly quick and accommodating to any questions I have, and have always brought about a quick resolution. Periodically they also run beta programs, which allow an early look at new features and opportunities for input from the ultimate end users.

I have a handful of utilities which I use on a daily basis, and I'm always looking for alternatives and newcomers which may meet my needs better. I can say that alongside one other program, DbVis is one that I have yet to find another offering which can match or beat its integration into my workflow and day to day needs.

Thanks to the team, my work would be a lot less enjoyable without yours.

I have been a user of DbVisualizer for many years now, and I always try out new products to compare them with what DbVisualizer has to offer. In all these years I have not found any thing that even comes close to DbVisualizer. I am going to list down some the really cool features that I can no longer wive without.

1) Fast, and efficient search in query results. This has saved me endless hours.

2) Table comparison. You can compare two query results and can easily see the differences. This is a lifesaver when you want to revert releases and need to make sure what the differences in data are.

3) Seamless, Multi-format data import and export. When working with multiple databases DbVisualizer has the perfect set of tools to export and import data in multiple formats from SQL to XML.

4) Easy Database management. Super easy to alter tables, delete (even cascade delete) tables and the AWESOME ability to automatically generate a data model that is readily usable without much need to format.

5) Single interface to view and manage multiple / different databases.

There are many other gems in DbVisualizer. But the ones I noted above have no equivalent in the market. Thanks DbVisualizer for making my job easier :-)
Omer Saeed

I have used DB Visualizer for many years in my academic and professional life, and now in my startup. The rest of my team agree that it's a tool we could not work without. It's straightforward to use, everything is where it should be, it has all the features we need and it just works.
Tobias H. Kloepper, PhD

I am a computer science student in Canada and my focus has been on full stack software development using PostgreSQL. DbVisualizer has made the learning experience with databases simple by showing a simple layout of how your database looks after every SQL query. After the learning phase, DbVisualizer really shines when it comes to actual development and productivity. The staff at DbVisualizer were kind enough to give me an extended premium upgrade while I finish my year of studies and I want to share my experience with the software and the highlights of my experience:

1) SQL Commander: the built in query interface to do any queries you want to execute on your database. DbVisualizer pro allows for multiple command windows which helps speed up development of tricky table altering or database migrations. You can also script to SQL Commander directly from the table and build queries through a GUI interface.

2) Direct table editing and saving in the table view. I can't even list how many times I needed to do individual table updates and did not want to constantly write out an update statement. Editing individual entries helped speed up testing and maintenance exponentially.

3) Building visual reference (E-R) diagrams that show all relationships between tables. Extremely useful when planning table alterations to know what your table and key structure is before you make changes. Lays out all tables in more than one configuration and you can move the entities around easily. This is one of the features that is severely lacking and overly complex in any other database program i've used.

4) Trigger / Function / Domain management: Triggers, functions, and domains are listed and stored in the Pro version and this is one of the biggest advantages of upgrading. You can edit the triggers directly in DbVisualizer and turn them on/off on the fly while testing which speeds up development.

5) Bookmarked queries, transactions: You can bookmark your most used queries and provide yourself with a GUI transaction interface for adding data into your database.

I've used a bunch of different database software visualizers, including SQL Server and phpMyAdmin but DbVisualizer blows them all out of the water and I cannot see myself using anything else. For anyone doing development in PostgreSQL I cannot recommend anything else because DbVisualizer is simply the peak -- and is actively improving more with each update.
Kyle Schlosser

In my job, I need a good database GUI software to be able to manage all my tables and all my databases on different servers, manage table data, create SQL scripts and triggers, etc. Without any productive tool, it can be a very difficult exercise !

I've tested a lot of different softwares, under linux, under windows, under Mac OS. I've made a lot of comparisons of functionalities and honestly, DbVizualizer is the best one !

On top of this, It is multiplatform and the GUI is optimized for productivity ! That’s why I’m calling it the "swiss knife" of relational database management system !
Christophe D. - Bioinformatician in the Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire of Lille, France

I just wanted to drop a few lines of gratitude. To analyze a new customers db structure I searched the internet for current tools. It took me only a few minutes from the google lookup to a clean overview of the 300 tables structure in dbvis. So I'm super happy at the moment and wanted to thank the devs behind this tool. So much nicer than scrolling the console with \d+ :)
Johannes Muller

I have been using DBVisualizer for the past six years and am happy to recommend it as the best SQL interface available on the Macintosh platform. The product is well designed and actively supported, with regular updates delivered seamlessly in a manner that improves the product without interrupting your ongoing work. If you are working with SQL databases and are in search of a great SQL editor, look no further then DBVisualizer.
Jason Suss

I have used DbVisualizer for the past year. I am a eCommerce architect and need to work with all kinds of database and this is a really good tool and I am glad to have started using it. I would recommend this to every developer working with back-end remote or local databases.
Raj Sanghvi

I had tested several other tools and by far the DbVisualizer was the best of them, certainly a great investment!

As a software developer working with both standalone and web applications, I often need to perform several operations on heterogeneous databases. While DBvis is not the only multi-database graphical client in existence, it stands out for me as being very cleverly engineered to ease its user the most. Thank you.
Emanuele Cipolla

I started using DBVis 3 years ago and had great experience so far. The best part of the product is it tries to provide a uniform interface to many aspects of your workspace, e.g., the db connection info is in the same tabbed window with SQL editor. Many features are well designed such as all-level name filtering and result set pinning. Your productivity will tremendously increase by using it. I've recommended it to everyone I know.
Ying Liu

This software is phenomenal! I've used many database tools over the years but none have been as impressive as DbVisualizer. It's unique, intuitive features are robust and plentiful. From simple things like being able to rearrange your result columns without rewriting your query, to more complex features like its monitors and built-in graphing, it will definitely satisfy all your needs. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this piece of software. Give it a try, if you haven't already!
Scott Beeson - Missouri Health Connection

I love DbVisualizer Pro! I tried at least 7 other SQL clients and this one was the best by far. Thank you for an awesome product.

The more I use DbVisualizer the more convinced I am that it was one of the best software investments that I've ever made. Thanks for a great tool.
Ken Sturgeon

We've been using DbVis Pro for many, many years now. It's made our development, analytics, and debugging so easy, having a single tool that covers all of our databases, even our not-so-common database platforms like Informix, AND works from both Mac and Windows platforms! And we appreciate your quick and efficient support staff - as the few bugs we have found were addressed and fixed quickly. You have a great product! Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!
Nicholas Miles - Peapod

I've been a dBVisualizer user, fan and proponent for a long time now, and I just wanted to drop you a note. Having developed software in various roles since the mid-nineties, I've always enjoyed using DbVisualizer SO much. And better yet, it feels like it keeps on getting better. Last week I was using it heavily after several months' pause in my development activity, and I was once again struck by what a well-polished tool DbVisualizer is. Of course, I really love that it remembers my SQL windows content even after MONTHS pass by and even across version upgrades. But what really surprised me recently was when I opened a postgres table in data view to do some direct editing and found that my filter conditions persisted across sessions! That feature has probably been there a long time, but I had somehow never noticed it. Anyway, thanks for crafting such a consistent and well-thought-out development environment. Not only is it a strong ally to developers, it's a pleasure to use!
Jason Ziegler

I have been working with databases on the last 16 years, not only teaching, but also in production environments with large volumes of data. A good database client tool must have the following characteristics:
* Inclusive: it must run on Windows, Mac and Linux;
* Support several databases and as much administration commands as possible for them all;
* Reliable: it should not crash, even when exporting a large amount of data (millions of records);
* Easy to use and a rich set of features;
DbVisualizer addresses all of them. Congratulations for an excellent piece of software.
Jose Aser

DbVis is best of have-it-all database development tool. I've tried many, and luckily found this one. Now, whole dev department using it as de facto instrument (mysql, oracle, postgresql...). Omg, and it gets better.

After trying out different software I found DbVis to be most useful and easy to use along with having so many helpful features. I've been using the free version due to lack of funds to purchase the Pro version but after receiving education discount I was finally able to purchase Pro version. As for customer service, it's definitely the best I've seen in the long time and it's a pleasure dealing with a company with A+ customer service.
Slavisa Prcic

The first time I saw Windows and a mouse about 25 years ago I said "why do I need this?". The first time I saw DbVisualizer I said "why do I need this?".
I now use DbVisualizer every day!! Thanks for a GREAT tool!!
Dennis Brown

I recently helped a colleague install the latest version of DbVisualizer and a license on his computer. I was very impressed with the new features I noticed. The installation of an Oracle driver was very easy. I'm also thrilled to see the support for SSH tunnels.

Since I use an older version of DbVisualizer, I keep bookmarks for SSH tunnel commands in iTerm and two copies of DB connections (one for direct connection and one for connection through the SSH tunnel) in DbVisualizer. I need to use the SSH tunnel to connect to DBs at work when I was out of the office. I would start a tunnel in iTerm, then choose the tunnel version of the DB connection I wanted.

Now that DbVisualizer has this feature built in, I would only need one copy of the DB connections and I don't need the tunnel bookmarks. Whenever I need to tunnel the connections through SSH, I'll just check the "Use SSH Tunnel" checkbox.

I'm asking my supervisor to order a license for me so I can run the new DbVisualizer on my computer, too.

In my opinion, there's no better DB client for macOS than DbVisualizer.

Thanks for the new features and keep up the great work!
Lance Sloan - University of Michigan

We love your tool! Could not survive without it. Have been using it since 2005/2006. We are purchasing 20 licenses for our Data Warehouse developers and analysts. It is a powerful tool for working with the multitude of Database engines we use as the central data warehousing section of a very large state government agency. Along with the many query uses of the tool, our team relies on DBVisualizer for the metadata capability. This is utilized by our analysts to prepare documentation for our data extractions and transforms and our DBAs use it to extract schemas for comparison between Dev, Test and Prod."
Walt Scheper

You guys are awesome. I love the product and already recommend the pro version to everyone I meet. But the fact that you guys have great customer service makes me even more excited to do so.
A small thing like the caret blink rate happens to be a big deal for me. Thanks for making the modification.
Jon Pokrzyk

I am a professor of computer science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and have used DBVis for several years. I show it to all my students and it is by far the best general purpose database GUI out there. I teach database systems and use it in every one of my courses. It is a flexible and solid tool that works every time, never crashes, and can talk to every relational database management system I have ever tried to use. It is very actively supported and customer service has always been first class. There is nothing better!
University of Colorado at Boulder - Roger "Buzz" King, Professor

We have used DbVisualizer for the past 2-3 years. This is a godsend for us in assisting our clients to generated the necessary adhoc reports and making subtle changes to the databases. The best part is that the Pro Version allows even he novice database users to make in table changes so easy they do not even need to know any SQL at all. This tool has been an integral part of our testing process for our product line. Certainly the BEST out there given the feature set and the pricing point.
THANK YOU for a great product.
MédiGroup, Ltd. - Phani Kadiyala, Systems Analyst

BTW: dbvisualizer is AWESOME! :) I've used it on my previous job, came to this job a few years ago and just had to have it... now we got 5 people using it (only 4 on my group, though), but I wish we had even more! Thank you and the rest of your team for making such a great tool available!
City of Olathe, KS - Peter Carrero

I like DbVisualizer very much, because I had to access many DBs via JDBC, like Oracle, MS SQL-Server, Progress or DB2 on AS400.

Its fine to test the connection, browse Databases and select data.

Many Thanks,

First off....been a DbVis free user for a while, and i really don't know why it took me so long to go to pro, but i upgraded today ha ha. When I came to work at my company I had a personal goal. NEVER GET INTO THE MAINFRAME. DbVis has allowed me to reach this goal, and not have to go to a TSO QMF screen...EVER. So DbVis is one of my top 5 software usage on a daily basis, and i couldn't work with out it.

I am using dbVisualizer for over a year and I found it invaluable tool in every day work. It provides great set of advanced functionality that will please not only the database experts but novice users as well. Quality of the application is at very high level and I have had a pleasure to liaise with support team which appeared to be a very responsive. I would recommend dbVis to everyone. Thank you guys, Well done!
Krzysztof Slawinski

I took advantage of your offer, and since then have found DbVis to be an invaluable tool. As a MS SQL Server DBA who works in a company that uses all Macs as workstations, a good native client is indispensable.

Next to an RDP client and good text editor, DbVis is my most important tool!

Just wanted to pass along a good word.
Matt Keranen

BTW, after using several other products, including some top-of-the-line stuff, I've come to love DbVis. It's a really great product. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication.

I just downloaded 7.0.1 and it has create table statement when I export, like ANSI standard!!!!!. I am going to check this out. Used a JDataStore table as the sample! Do YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ROCK!. Thank You SOOOOOO Much for this effort! It helps so much as a starting point! I have loved this product from the moment I downloaded it many versions ago. And again thanks to the TEAM for adding this.

Hi, this is simply a fan letter. I've used DbVisualizer in the past, and I recently downloaded the 6.5 free version to deal with my mySql database, and...it works perfectly and right out of "the box." I expected no less, but I wanted to tell you how great your product is nonetheless.

I've used your pro version as well, and it's even better--it's incredibly convenient for editing data in tables. And it is very, very usable. Example of the latter is that each connection/SQL window has a visible (and changeable) max number of rows to return. So simple and useful--and, try to accomplish this using Oracle's free GUI database tool...not at all simple!

Anyhow, when circumstances warrant it I'll surely get a pro license. It's cheap for what you get.

Thanks for having a great product.
David Goldhirsch, Senior Software Engineer

You might remember I was having trouble using dbvis with daffodilDB... Although I will be switching, I'm still using daffodilDB, but I just needed to tell you that I am very pleased with your 6.5 work. It's nicely polished, works completely with daffodilDB now and the extra features, etc. really make for a nice tool - one of a kind I think...
Gary Grossman

I am sure you get loads of this type of email however here's another one! Without wanting to write an essay all I can say is WOW! The Pro version of DBVis is outstanding. I have been using the free version since v1x and have just purchased 6.5, it has blown me away. Had I known what features are available in the Pro version I would have bought it ages ago and upgraded to each new version.
Andrew Glover

Kudos to the DbVisualizer development team for such an outstanding product. I have been a customer of DB Visualizer Professional for 6 years and I appreciate the constant effort you put into the product year in and year out. I use the product for many different development utilities I write and it has proved invaluable. Truly an Enterprise caliber product priced very aggressively. Thanks again!

Just want to give all you developers a big fat hug. What a splendid product DbVisulaizer is! The user-predictive interface saves me tons of time! (And I'm not just saying this because I'm high on Mt. Dew soda (ok maybe a little bit (but not too much!)))
University of Arizona's PTS - Jody Brabec

Just wanted to say what a great job you guys are doing with db visualizer. I've been using it for years. As a java developer, I've worked for many companies over the years, and used lots of different databases. DB Visualizer is such a great tool, I don't know how I'd do my job without it.
Joneric Wennerstrom

Subject: BeautiFULL software to work with databases
DbVisualizer is really nice and UI interface very good One can easily expert in querying database with this software, even if he/she is new to the database.
Dhana kumar

Thanks to the DbVisualizer team for the great product! We have been evaluating similar tools and this one stands out due to its simplicity, robustness and, very importantly, to its support for many database vendors. The responsive and friendly interface, makes it a not only a great example for Java applications, but also a tool that greatly enhances productivity for everyday tasks of administering multiple databases. The Query Builder for example saves a great deal of time to creating/reverse engineering queries in a very intuitive manner. Saved us considerable time and greatly helped us in our work of supporting an International Humanitarian Organization. Strongly recommended. Keep up the great work!
Dimitris Thanos from an International Humanitarian Organization

Thanks, DBVisualizer 6.0.10 people!
It's a great product, and I don't know what I'd do without it. Pity the fools Still typing their SQL in at the Unix command line.

Have been using it for at least three years now and it gets better and better. That's I just renewed the license. It's funny, where I work we have a lot of software from Scandinavia:

1) MySql & DBVisualizer from Sweden
2) FAST ESP from Norway
3) Linux from Finland

Keep up the good work, and thanks for the great software and beautiful women. But please keep your lutefisk!
Eric C. Anderson

However, let me say OUTSTANDING PRODUCT! I am truly happy and impressed. I waffled about the price for a while (buying it for personal use). And I hate to admit that after purchasing I think it is worth far more. That's not to say that I didn't buy for a long time due to the price point.

The other thing about the price... I didn't know what I was getting into. The differences between the free and paid-for product are not clear. If you have an opportunity, have all features in the "full" visible but non-working in the free version. There are SO MANY features in the full version I had no idea at all were going to be available. I would have bought almost immediately had I known

Just a little customer thoughts. Either way. The best quote I can give you is "WOW". I'm a lead developer at FedEx and I'm working my organization to install this application as a standard, it's simply so good. With any luck that will mean a bit more business for you and money for your well-deserved coffers. Thanks So Much!
FedEx - Matt Maher

As someone who deals with multiple datasets from multiple data sources, DbVisualizer has proven to be quite useful and easy to use for my database needs. I've worked with other programs in the past and learned to adjust to their idiosyncracies. In contrast, I've found DbVisualizer to be much more user friendly and responsive to my needs. I've recommended the program to others doing similar work and found they were as pleased as myself.
Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment - Christine Tilburg

thank you -- your product is EXCELLENT!!
Catherine L. Smith

Got it. Now that is service. And all the way from Sweden. Awesome !
I love Sweden by the way, I visited in like 1980. Beautiful place !

Thanks to you and your company for your continued efforts with the development of this outstanding software. It helps me every day, and I appreciate its clean design and robust functionality.
Joel E. Lieberman, Ph. D.

Just a note to say that I used the export to HTML feature of DBVIz today to develop some nice analytics for a new application... it was well-received by the management who said "we have been waiting for this stuff forever.". Thanks for making me look good...

hey guys, i've been using dbV for a bit now and i just wanted to let you know that i really appreciate this wonderful tool. it may not mean much to some, but to me, i think what you guys are doing is awesome! i'm glad that the free version is robust because after using it for a while i know that should I get the opportunity to talk my company into buying a db tool - i will recommend dbV so keep up the great work - that's all.

Thank you! You were very quick and helpful in your response. This was one of the better customer service experiences I have had in recent memory.

We have used dbVisualizer for a while now, and could not live without it. The product is outstanding and rich, and does neither too much nor too little. The ability to export to Excel is also one of those features I happened upon and think is great. The product just gets better and better, and we love it.
Tom Harrison

As a software consultant, your DB Vis is a priceless tool for quickly understanding assorted databases. No surprise here.

Yesterday, your software caused something completely unexpected. During my first visit to a flooring software company to discuss moving their database to MySQL, I fired up DB Vis and connected to their IBM DB2. The in-house dev's were impressed and filled with questions about YOUR software instead of mine. I wasted almost the entire hour poking around DB Vis with them instead of discussing their database requirements. They are accustomed to IBM's DB Commander and phpMyAdmin.

Subject: I love DbVisualizer 5.0
I am a licensed user of DbVisualizer 5.0. I am very pleased with the product. As I get to know it, the better it gets. As a programmer, I can appreciate the excellence the design and implementation of this program. My license fee was indeed well spent.
John Stanford White

Kudos to the team of the Dbvis.

I have been evaluating it on personal oracle for a small DW assignment. I am now going to see how well i can use it to port to local Ms-Sql server. I have especially liked its DBA features (monitoring, plan execution, recent plans on server) & overall its way better than Toad.
Sid Meeta

I completely loved DBVisualizer and have already purchased it.

Congratulations with an amazing tool. Well done! Sorry that I am not answering your specific questions but your team obviously has a very good understanding of what such tool needs to be like so I would not be able to add anything. Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work!

I've been using DbVisualizer as a developer for about 5 years now. It has never failed to impress me as one of the most useful tools in my toolbox. As a consultant I've used it with almost every database implementation that exists, all without fail. I am very excited to see that "Explain Plan" is now supported in 5.0. It's not often that a tool can be so useful for so long to a developer. I've tried all of the others, but I always come back to DbVisualizer. Keep up the great work!
SUNY Learning Environments - Bernie Durfee

When Unicon provides training, we must work with many different platforms and people of various backgrounds. DbVisualizer is our answer to providing a consistent database tool in the training lab environment.
Unicon, Inc. - Cris J. Holdorph

DbVisualizer's features and pricing helped make it the standard data access tool in our organization. Its value allowed us to put a powerful tool on more desktops than we could with competing products.
RouteOne - R.J. Bussone

Having had my 30-day evaluation period of TOAD I was left with the choice of paying $795 for a product which I used 20% of the features 80% of the time or resorting back to using Oracle's Database Administration Tools. Releasing I had a copy of DbVisualizer supplied with BEA Weblogic Platform 8.1 I gave it a go. After a few hours I found the only feature I was missing was Data editing and promptly upgraded to DbVisualizer Pro 4.
Probably the best $99 I have spent on a development tool and it saved me $696!
Roger Lee

Using dbvisualizer I improved my dba skills, and now I'm working on an International known Company. I don't know how to thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!
Nachou Palomar

Subject: Amazing software for the DB world!!
I have been using DBVisualizer for quite sometime. I have connections to a host of DBs including SQL Server 2000. Works just like a song. The speed and reliability is just awesome. Very well done. Thanks for creating the product.

DbVisualizer is GORGEOUS! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!
Andrew Vardeman

I truely love your product. It is awesome. As a fellow Java Developer, I am thoroughly impressed with your GUI design and master use of Swing. Very well done. I am also impressed with the speed and reliability of the results that are returned from ad hoc queries.
Mark Maslakowski

I've been using DbVisualizer 2.1 for a little while now and it is a fantastic product. Thank you for developing such a great tool. I wanted to let you know that I've been using it successfully to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 7 and 2000 using J-NetDirect's JSQLConnect JDBC driver (www.j-netdirect.com). I've also connected to an older Pervasive database (www.pervasive.com) using Pervasvive's JDBC driver. It seems that DBVisualizer will happily use any JDBC driver and successfully connect to a database.
Patrick D'Cruze

Great job, I can't believe DbVisualizer is better than Oracle tools, keep the good work guys
JJ Gonzalez

Subject: DBVis ROCKS!!!
Thank you for v3.0 I have just downloaded it and it looks great. I have been using DBVis with Informix (Solaris and NT) for a year now and I have NEVER had a problem. I have been using the com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver without a single problem.... Thank you very much for a wonderful product it is the easiest tools I have EVER used to manage an RDBMS!
Andrew Glover

I can't believe this software is available for free. It is a tool I use daily in software development of enterprise Java applications. A well written and wonderful tool!
John Carl

just wanted to tell you that DbVisualizer is one of the best applications i've ever used to access a database. Congratz to the whole team for such an amazing tool and go on like this.
Alexander Weber

Probably, I'm not the first person to congratulate you for the DbVisualizer, but I'd not like to be the last.
It's incredibly fantastic. Fast, rosbust, great visual, nice functionalities, ... The tool I was looking for... not anymore. And that I'll surely recommend.
Thanks and congratulations again,
Franklin Ribeiro Jr.

I like to say thank you for the Applikation DbVisualizer Version 2.1 . I do using PostgreSQL and normaly its work on the Console or pgaccess . But sometime i want to see how big the database comes , and also perhaps i forget some . So i was searching for an Applikation like DbVisualizer . It's works very great , without any problems . Thank you . Greatings from Germany , Hamburg , an Linux User
Frank Bielemeier

I just wanted to commend you on your DBVisualizer 2.1 release. Your free download totally disproves the maxim, "You get what you pay for" I've been testing fairly costly Java-based products for the past couple of months and could only dream of a time when half of these were of the same quality as your free tool.
Chris Burton

This is a wonderful product! I spent a disappointing 3 hours this morning on the net looking for a JDBC explorer without any luck until I found DbVisualizer. The design, functionality, and installation were ALL wonderfully put together. I look forward to learning about your other products - in my opinion, you definitely have an outstanding track record!
Anthony Whitfield

Subject: DBVisualizer...wow!
I downloaded DBVisualizer v2.1 a little while ago and have been playing with it...I am VERY impressed! Nice work!! My platform is a Sun UltraSPARC running 'Solaris8 with MySQL, and J2SE 1.3.1 with the mm.mysql jdbc driver. All functions work and appear stable. Please keep up the great work!
Dave McGuire

GREAT TOOL! thanx! worked for both our mysql and oracle DB immediately and i'm rather a newbie

Like a SAP technical consultant sometimes I need a simple database tool for different databases of our customers. DbVisualizer is an excellent solution and its free !
Jiri Ehrlich

I have been using your product for a couple of years now and I would like to express my thanks for having such a great (and free!) product. I have been pleasantly surprised to find such a reliable db product that performs well on the linux environment. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. Great product - I wish more developers would take a shot at Swing applications. Products such as yours and JEdit really point up the potential for slick, professional Swing software.
Kevin Finch

Subject: DbVisualizer - an immensely useful tool
DbVisualizer is such a tremendously useful tool, now I can't live without it. After downloading, it took less than 5 minutes to setup. And the menus were so intuitive, it didn't take any time at all for me to start using it. I don't have to use SQL-Plus any more to see the structure or contents of tables or databases. Even I can update them from the GUI. Amazingly, it's free!!!! Thank you for this terrific tool.
Shahid Ahmed

DB Visualizer is a great tool, I use it all the time. Thanks for this contribution.
Jim McDonald

I love DbVisualizer!!! I saw TOAD on one of our DBA's wintel boxes and I thought it looked pretty usefull. Asked around for a similar tool for linux, got blank stares ... then I found this code on Freshmeat .. THANK YOU! It has cut many hours off my development time. Instead of finding where I stored those DDL files or connecting up with sqlplus or another text tool, I can just pop up DbVisualizer and *voila*! Instant Data, DB Structure and more...

I've spent a good amount of time looking for and testing Java/jdbc browser/sql editor products which are free or low cost and actually work. Your product is the best of these I've seen. Thank you for making it available!
Mark Murphy

a big THANK YOU for providing this great tool !! Simply outstanding.
Georg Schmid

Subject: DbVisualizer is fantastic
I am writing to tell you I've just downloaded DbVisualizer and I think it's excellent. I have spent 4 hours today searching the net for JDBC based query/admin/metadata tools and I think your product is way ahead of anything I found. I like the interface and it actually works, first time and easily. Within 30 minutes I have it working with both MySQL and SQL Server databases on different machines.Thank you for making good quality java tools!
Ben Hutchison

Thank you for making such a fine product. After having tried several alternatives, I have decided to make DBVisualizer my default database viewer.
Michael Olsen

I have used but only with Oracle and I LOVE it. It is excellent and I have recommended it to several friends.
Andrei Lenkei

It's a great product -- love it. I use Linux as my primary dev. platform and it's nice to have a tool which works the same for me as it does for my Win32 using friends. Good Job. The tool works just as I expect it to -- and that's the best compliment I can think of for it.
Todd Gee

Amazing product, very helpful, thanks!
Anthony Spina

great job!!! i ran dbvisualizer on macosx and that works great with mysql.
Olivier Hericord

No, not requesting support, giving support ... Your DbVisualiser is fantastic, I am in Hong Kong, it's almost 1:30am and I was completely stuck with a Linux box in Singapore, a product demo tommorrow and a nightmare oracle configuration ... thanks to the dbvis I was able to solve my app problems across the web using VNC. I love it ... dbvis is fab
Paul Gresham

I'm using DBVisualizer a lot and I'm thrilled about it. I recommended to everybody I know.
Ana-Maria Oleski

I just tried out your DBVisualizer tool and I must say it is amazingly simple and straight forward to use. Congratulations !
Daniel Fischer

Subject: I wish I had found this before I bought TOAD :-)
As a Java developer, I don't have a huge need to edit stored procedures, but I do have a strong need to verify data written to the db, or to clean data already there. TOAD is overkill for my needs, but SQL*Plus is too spartan. DbVisualizer is _exactly_ the right tool for an n-tier application developer.
Art Taylor

I have been using dbVisualizer and I really appreciate your making this tool freely available. Thanks!
Jonathan Carlson

many thanks ! AS/400 access semms to work and it looks very good now. It even looks better than the JDBC explorer in JBuilder.
Michael Justin

This isn't really about a problem with DBVisualizer. I enjoy your product and I think it is one of the more user friendly and powerful DB tools out there.
Ryan Breidenbach

Having said that, I must say DBVisualizer is a great product! Keep up the great work!
Anthony Yuen

We love it!! It's a great product, absolutely incredible contribution
Tim O' Neil

I'll start by saying that I was very impressed with the product. I was searching Java resource sites for a Java 'MsQuery'-type tool and didn't expect to find something that looks as professional as DbVisualiser for free
Gary Smith

We loved DbVisualizer! It is very powerful and easy to use. We are runnig it under RedHat Linux 6.0 to access a DB2 database with NT
Eduardo Issao Ito

I now have separate connections for all our databases. I enjoy using DbVis more and more every day
Ronald Offerman

Love the product. I'm running it on Mandrake Linux 6.1 and blackdown java version 1.1.7a connecting to Oracle on Solaris
Anil Palat

BTW: Great product!!!!
Rick Gibbs

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